Joanne's Clients

I deliver high impact, solution focused coaching and training to individuals and teams. I work with senior executives and board members, managers and graduates, entrepreneurs and business owners, supporting their growth and development towards their business, career and personal goals.


Some of my clients have made the decision to persue their personal development through coaching for themselves, whilst others are offered a coaching series through their company.


As an authentic coach and facilitator, I believe a person's greatest strength and ability comes from being who they really are, and I enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.



Here are some comments from delegates and sponsors of recent management and leadership development courses and team days, followed by comments from some of my coaching clients:


I was really pleased with the strategy workshop that you [Joanne] ran and I've received some highly positive feedback from the directors who attended.  Right now I am summarising everything we discussed and the ideas generated into our strategy document. Thanks very much for preparing and running the two days for us, I thought you were brilliant and it turned out to be very successful.

Daniel Dickson, CEO, multi-national Facilities Management Company October 2019


Your resilience course was so helpful for me personally but also for my team. We have been able to celebrate behaviour which bring us life and energy and address, and name, behaviours which drain us and cause unhelpful stress. Thank you.

                    Nicky Crampton, Key Investor Team Manager               November 2018


Joanne has been has been instrumental in helping us to roll out our employee coaching programme. She carried out a series of training workshops for each employee and we have now implemented a support network across the firm. Joanne tailor made the coach training programme according to our specific needs and through getting to know our firm. I would highly recommend working with Joanne

                                                         Saxton Bampfylde                May 2016 


Thank you so much for the last few days! You've helped build my confidence and have given me many tools to help me on my journey within my company and through life! You've been a very inspiring trainer and a great coach.

Thank you!                                                                                  March 2014


You engage people really well and get the quiet ones to speak out...very personable kept us all interested by creating and delivering a dynamic course...upbeat and relaxed...friendly yet professional.  

                                                          Europlacer Group                October 2014


The coaching session [after the training] allowed me to understand that the key to developing myself is within me. That is not only encouraging but also allows me to be more positive about how I will deal with the managerial challenges ahead.                                                                                        March 2014


Thank you for your brilliant input and support - you're doing a diamond job with our budding managers and making a huge difference. So glad you are part of the team.                                                            Heathrow Airport Ltd           November 2013


I really like the positive messaging you put to the group early on. It set the atmosphere up for growth and motivation.           

                                                         Heathrow Airport Ltd           November 2013



Some comments from coaching clients:


My coaching series with Joanne exceeded all my expectations. Joanne helped me re-evaluate my career goals having been lucky enough to have progressed through my organisation at a relative fast pace.  My time with Joanne has given me space to reflect and consider the future as well as focusing on making small changes to the way I think. As a result of my coaching sessions my professional profile has grown, both internally and externally, and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to speak and publish articles on a range of fascinating subjects.


Of course I still experience the complexities of combining a career in a male-dominated industry with the joys and responsibility of family life, but Joanne helped me to reframe difficult issues and find flexibility and breakthrough. I love how I feel about my job – I consider myself very lucky and I am enjoying the here and now. As my family grows older, I am sure my career will continue to develop in new ways, and I’ll ensure those new challenges fit well for all of us.



Group Chief People Officer of an International Facilities Management Group

February 2017



My coaching sessions with Joanne have really helped me navigate a challenging season of leadership at work. When we first started out I felt really stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated with my inability to move forward. Our time together has not only helped me through my current situation, but has also given me key insights about myself that will help me navigate these times better in the future.


Sarah-Jane Buys

Head of Global Engagement, Tearfund

July 2017



I have been overwhelmed with the impact of my coaching sessions with Joanne. I have made significant differences in both my professional and personal life, and following on from Joanne’s sessions I have been able to make these changes sustainable.

I have been able to recognise myself for who I really am, which has changed my thinking and approach to strategising. I have also seen a reduction in my business and home stresses and strains.

I couldn’t have asked for more and will look to continue with professional coaching in the future.”



Regional Director of an International Facilities Management Group

August 2016



I am delighted with the results of Joanne's work with our leadership team. Joanne has real skill in allowing leaders to self identify the key barriers to their progress. She is then able to work effectively with them to not just overcome those issues but, when appropriate, to turn them into strengths. 


John Phillipson

Chair of Governors, St John's Primary School

April 2016 after acheiving their OFSTED inspection of "Outstanding"



Working with Joanne has given me space to think, reflect and do things differently, which has led me to new insights about myself and how I work. This new thinking has enabled me to manage stressful periods in a more constructive way, for me and my team. Joanne has helped me implement simple steps that have made a huge difference, both at home and at work.


Matt Stent

Buying Manager, Argos Ltd

February 2015



I have been working with Joanne for the past 6 months and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done for my business. Joanne has helped me to crystallise my long term and short term goals and helped me to really believe that these ambitious goals are achievable.


I am at a pivotal point in my existing business and in the process of launching two new businesses and Joanne has really helped me to think through, plan out and implement all the issues that I am facing in achieving my business goals. Where I had been going round in circles on my own, thinking about issues often for weeks, Joanne would incisively guide me to the answer within minutes.


I can’t recommend Joanne highly enough - she is a skilled business coach who through asking the right questions makes it all very simple for you and moreover is a wonderful, warm, empathetic person who it is a pleasure speaking to on a regular basis. When I write my autobiography about my business success, I shall definitely be thanking Joanne for her considerable contribution!

Suzanne Dibble

Founder of Lawyers4mumpreneurs, Stellar Business Law

and the Business Owls

January 2012


Highly Commended - Solicitor of the Year Awards - the Law Society


I came to coaching as something of a sceptic, I am now a believer. Joanne Dunham came onboard when things were not good, I was very tired and the business was going nowhere fast. Her intelligent, focussed coaching has given me the techniques to achieve much more with less personal ‘wear & tear’, I have even found the energy and time to pursue my leisure interests again.


Should you choose to engage Ms Dunham you will find yourself dealing with an insightful, non-judgemental lady with the ability to drill down through perceived barriers and find a way through – every time. Don’t expect therapy speak or trite Americanism’s, you will get instantly useable advice that will make a difference now.


Paul Stringer

Principal of a RYA Sailing School on the Solent

January 2013


When Joanne became my Executive Coach I had no preconceptions of how she might help me - by the end of our first meeting, I knew that the coaching experience was going to be a very positive one.


Joanne instantly made me feel at ease. She is an easy communicator and great listener, with an intelligent yet down to earth style. I never felt pressured by her but always supported and guided. She has helped me think more positively about myself and has shown me practical methods to improve myself professionally and personally. Joanne has stopped me floundering, given me direction and restored my self-belief. Truly inspirational.


Stuart Smith

Professional Project Manager

May 2012



 I experienced Joanne as a Team Coach and was very impressed. She is a very attentive coach - she makes a great listener which is a rare quality. She is very focused on the coachee's needs and is gentle yet firm in her approach. I would highly recommend Joanne as a coach to anyone who needs to find focus and direction for their teams or their professional life.


Iris Ganssauge

Manager, Accenture Germany

August 2011



Joanne brings together her solid coaching knowledge with a really good understanding of business fundamentals. It's a great combination!


Dave Todd

Director, Baobab Brands Ltd

June 2012


I’m delighted and astonished that we have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I can honestly say that whilst I am motivated and determined, without Joanne’s clear headed and considered approach to planning, driven by a genuine desire for my business to be successful, I would not have achieved what I have in this time. I would like to believe that I would have got there eventually, but Joanne set me on an accelerated path with confidence.

I would recommend that anyone in business, whether new or established, meet
with Joanne. Her skill, I believe, lies in her ability to bring out in someone
what is already there! With clarity of vision and goals, we can achieve so much


Samantha Ashdown

Home Sales Strategist & Founder of Home Truths

November 2010