Executive Coaching

Supporting Executives achieve the amazing things they were born to do



Executive Coaching encourages innovation and lateral thinking, provides an objective sounding board, develops open communication styles, challenges assumptions and clarifies perspectives and strategies.




Executive Coaching is a facilitative relationship between a client in an organisation and a professional coach, for the benefit of the client to improve their performance and effectiveness within their organisation, with results that are observable or measurable.



When coaching an Executive client, our sessions will be solutions focussed to create energy and vision, and include an appropriate degree of stretch to bring out the best in that client. Our meetings will have a clear structure to achieve the objectives of that session, whilst meeting the needs of the client through self directed learning. There will be consistent positive feedback to encourage and support a client’s development and confidence, and accountability to hardwire new thinking and behaviours.

For more details on how a coaching series is structured, please see my Framework for Executive Coaching.



Building and maintaining resilience is a key area for all current and future executives and leaders to master, and we support our clients in this with Resilience Coaching and Training using the Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™) developed by Thrive. Joanne is an acreditated RQi Master Practitioner and Trainer at Kirros Consultanting, and a certified Mental Health First Aider. You can read more about resileince here.


I am also experienced in delivering the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness course and coaching, which helps us grow our self-awareness, understand how we sabotage ourselves and master our self-talk, which leads to increased happiness whatever our circumstances. Incorporaing the PQ app which invites daily practice, Positive Intelligence is a wonderful compliment to individual, team or group coaching, and ahelpful additon to leadership development programs.



If you would like to find out how an Executive Coaching or Resileince Program designed around your needs could benefit your organisation, please ring Joanne Dunham on 079500 96168 or email on joanne.dunham@flyingfishcoaching.co.uk