Team Coaching

Supporting Teams reach the success and joy of great Team performance

As with all coaching, being a Team Coach involves facilitating sustainable positive results through improved thinking, and the most important aspect of Team Coaching is helping a group of people find their Common Purpose. This will take each member from a place of asserting their individual will to agreeing and putting their whole effort behind a Team purpose, one that everyone can be fully engaged in.


We begin with the essential process of connecting as a group to build trust between individuals, and then through Team Coaching, permission is given for each member to communicate their views and ideas in discussion and to engage in constructive conflict. It is only through such interaction that all alternatives can be explored, the most creative ideas are birthed and the best solutions are formed.


As the Team works together, the Team Coach keeps them focused by summarising where we are, asking powerful questions and clarifying, always coming back to the Common Purpose to check the relevance of their current line of thinking. Through this process, Team Members will gain insights that will really move the team forward towards actions and specific results.


My job as Team Coach involves many things and includes:

  • leading each Team Member to a strong commitment to the other individuals, the Team, and the Team goals
  • challenging the team’s thinking by asking questions that check assumptions, evoke discovery, open new possibilities and lead to
    new learning
  • creating the environment for mutual support and accountability towards the desired results and common purpose
  • always facilitating the Team to think more productively and effectively,
    leading to their own solutions
  • encouraging them, through the challenge of goals that stretch, so they see how to best use everyone’s talents to achieve great results
  • encouraging full engagement from all Team Members through positive feedback
  • assessing and maintaining high energy levels and adjusting the structure of the session accordingly
  • active listening to enable intuitive clarifying, leading to new ways of thinking for individuals and the team as a whole
  • understanding the true drivers of human social behaviour as Team Members collaborate together to ensure positive outcomes for all involved, and so they enjoy the process too!

This is only possible by maintaining a consistent coaching presence throughout a session and the results in terms of performance, productivity and Team Members’ satisfaction are very rewarding.