My Approach to Coaching



My aim with all my coaching is to facilitate sustainable positive change through improved thinking - coaching gives my clients time and space to think about powerful questions that lead them to their own insights and results that far surpass their initial expectations.


I use a brain-based approach to coaching, applying insights into how the brain functions following current neuroscience research. Through this research, my training showed me not only how to coach well but why it works - understanding why something has such a positive effect is very important to me, and if you would like to know some more about this, please request the article, Six Insights into The Brain.



My coaching sessions always include the following five principles:

  • Self-directed Learning - we all learn better when we find answers ourselves. Being self-directed is the way we learn, think, invent, create, solve problems, visualise, rethink and re-engineer. All this leads to energy and a deep well of motivation.
  • Solutions Focus - coaching is not about searching for the cause of a problem, but searching for the best possible solution. We focus our attention on visualising the solution and systematically working towards it.
  • Stretch - people work at their best when they are challenged and stretched, in an appropriate way for each person. Being stretched to think differently, to create new ways of doing things is invigorating and leads to great results.
  • Positive Feedback - my coaching provides positive reinforcement for the new thinking and actions that my clients are achieving, encouragement that supports and grows their confidence and performance.
  • Structure - sustainable positive change takes energy and the structure that my sessions provide gives the best environment for maximum success. Each session will have different characteristics and variety but the clear framework allows my clients to focus fully on the goals that they are working towards.


As an authentic coach, I enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and in different settings.


Coaching is more than a job to me; nothing gives me more satisfaction than supporting my clients in taking giant steps towards their potential of living life to the full in all areas.




I also offer coaching to individuals who are at a cross roads in their life or emerging from a difficult life experience - please see my Hope Renewed website for furhter details.